Student Audio

BEA Best of Festival King Foundation Award

Chris Yoars, Southern Illinois University, “West Frankfort Mine”

Air Personality Category

1st Place: Aaron D’Innocenzi, Western Carolina University, “Aaron Michael Audition CD”

2nd Place: Andrew Pastorek, University of Indianapolis, “Slater – Radio Now 100.9”

3rd Place: Angie Smith, Southern Utah University, “Angie’s Regular Airshift”

Comedy or Drama Category

1st Place: Mark Beanblossom, Rex Coker, & Michael D’Amaro, Millikin University, “The War of the Worlds – 70th Anniversary Remake”

Educational Program Category

1st Place: Chris Yoars, Southern Illinois University, “West Frankfort Mine”

2nd Place: Colin S. Weir, Rowan University, “Code Blue: Keeping Our Students Safe”

3rd Place: Cheryl Langston, Columbia College Chicago, “Going Green for Our Future”

PSA/Promo/Commercial Category

1st Place: Allie McCain, Appalachian State University, “Gold Fish”

2nd Place: John Swengel, Illinois State University, “Watercooler Talk Show Promo”

3rd Place: Benjamin Weber, University of Southern Indiana, “Stupid Ideas”

Specialty Program Category

1st Place: James Herron, University of North Alabama, “Jack Voorhies: Voice of the Shoals”

2nd Place: Shabnam Kunwar, Brigham Young University, “Giving Back”

3rd Place: The Students of NESCom , New England School of Communications, “Know Before You Go”

Sports Program Category

1st Place: Adam Cavalier, Marshall Universty, “Marshall – WVU Football”

2nd Place: Rusty Brown, Georgia Southern University, “GSU Football Play by Play”

3rd Place: Jeff O’Connor, Rowan University, “Rowan University vs. Montclair State: NJAC Playoffs”


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