Student Video

BEA Best of Festival King Foundation Award

Blake Heal & Andrew Kazanjian, Azusa Pacific University, “No Love in Berry County”

Animation/Experimental/Mixed Category

1st Place: Nathan D. Burns, James Madison University, “Aesthetics”

2nd Place: Samuel A. Ward, Azusa Pacific University, “The Restoration”

3rd Place: Nicole E. Triche, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, “The Bars & Tone Experiment”

Instructional/Educational Category

1st Place: Eryn Gradwell, Elon University, “Internet Governance Forum”

2nd Place: Aaron Jones, Edmund Brown, Chris Hutchinson & Devin Termini, Central Michigan University, “Alden B. Dow Home & Studio”

Music Video Category

1st Place: Kristina Perreault, St. Cloud State University, “The Run – Here It Always Rains Like Hell”

2nd Place: Ryan Holman, James Madison University, “Forgiveness”

Narrative Category

1st Place: Michael P. Allore, Wayne State University, “The Next Step”

2nd Place: Jesse D. Doland, Azusa Pacific University, “Suicide and Goldfish”

3rd Place: Lauren Cray & Anders Lindwall, Azusa Pacific University, “The Reclamation of David Simms”

Promotional Category

1st Place: Timothy S. Johnson, Elon University, “What’s Your Reason”

2nd Place: Timothy S. Johnson, Elon University, “Elon-Wake Forest Soccer Promotional”

3rd Place: Conor Britain, Elon University, “Elon Men’s Basketball Commercial”

Studio Category

1st Place: Joel Larsen, St. Cloud State University, “Husky Mag”

2nd Place: Justin J. Maas, St. Cloud State University, “Husky Productions”

3rd Place: Sara E. Hannon, Brendan Bagley, Caroline Carter, & Reed Kackley, James Madison University, “Madison Out Loud Hallowelection Special”


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